Windows installation guide with must-have programs

Programs that belong on every windows PC i install.

A good starting point for easily finding and installing great applications is

  • Archiving: Winrar (7ZIP)
  • Remote control: RealVNC (TightVNC)
  • Desktop Layout: Icon Keeper
  • Multipage printing: Fineprint
  • Windows tweaking: tweakui
  • Drive imaging: Clonezilla (Acronis trueimage)
  • CD/DVD Burning: imgburn (Nero)
  • CD Emulator:
  • Multimonitor: dexpot
  • File manager: Total Commander (idoswin_free)
  • Directory size: windirstat
  • Cleanup: ccleaner
  • Taskbar clock: tclockex
  • Fan control: Speedfan
  • Ninite app pack installer:
  • PDF creation: Adobe acrobat (FreePDF)
  • PDF viewer/editor: PDF-xchange-viewer
  • Image processing: Adobe photoshop (Gimp)
  • Office: OpenOffice (Microsoft Office 2003)
  • Browser: Firefox (Opera)
    • Download manager: downthemall
  • Mail client: Thunderbird
  • FTP: Filezilla
  • IP telephony: Skype
  • SSH: Putty
  • Image viewer: irfanview+xnview
  • Video playback: vlc + media player classic
  • Video cutting: VideoRedo
  • Stream downloader: streamdown
  • Universal editor: gvim
  • Binary file editor/decoder: 010 editor
  • Unix tools: cygwin
  • Math software: Maple (Mathematica)
  • Statistics: SPSS (R + Rcmdr)
  • TeX Editor: Gvim (MikTex)
  • Tex software: miktex


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