Word footnotes have undeletable extra lines

Word Fussnoten haben nicht löschbare leere Linien

Possible solutions:

  • Try to copy the entire file to the clipboard, minus the last paragraph sign. Paste to a new empty file.
  • In NORMAL VIEW (NOT Print Layout view), VIEW>FOOTNOTE and select FOOTNOTE SEPARATOR from drop down list. Now you can edit the separator. You'll probably see some blank lines before and/or after the little horizontal separator line itself. Delete those and close and go back to Print Layout view and the extra white space should be gone. Found answer deep in a MS site. No documentation anywhere else. Tried everything mentioned above in frustration.
  • Make sure that the footnote separator doesn't include any empty

paragraphs; turn on the display of nonprinting characters to find out (if you need instructions, see http://word.mvps.org/faqs/formatting/NonPrintChars.htm). Also, make sure that the Footnote Text paragraph style doesn't include formatting such as “Keep lines together”, which could cause a lot of white space in the body text paragraphs.

In Word 2007:

  • Start Formattierzeichen anzeigen (verkehrtes |P)
  • Ansicht-Entwurf
  • Verweise-Notizen anzeigen
  • In der Fussnotenansicht in folgenden Dropdowns die überzähligen Paragraphenzeichen löschen
    • Fussnotentrennlinie
    • Fussnotenfortsetzungstrennlinie

Ref: http://forums.techguy.org/5826011-post10.html


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