Program list

Task Program URL Remarks
Graphical desktop Cinnamon or LXDE Cinnamon on desktop, LXDE on servers or slow machines
IDE vim+plugins
Image manimpulation gimp
Mail client thunderbird, mutt
Manage Foto Database shotwell
Office programs libreoffice
Operating system Debian GNU/Linux Moved away from Ubuntu when they started with Unity
Screen multiplexer tmux/screen
Text editing vim Plugins and .vimrc: FIXME
USV apc
backup backuppc, hardlink rsync
cloud software owncloud
commandline programs vim+gnu C
compressing videos handbrake
computer algebra wxmaxima
fixed drive encryption lvm+luks
game platform steam
geometry/algebra geogebra
home theater plex
keyboard/mouse sharing synergy
local system monitor conky
locate memory leaks valgrind
mailserver postfix+dovecot+amavis+policyd
manage work breaks workrave
media player vlc
microcontroller programming arduino
password db gnupg, keepassx
pdf editing pdfxchange, xournal
pdf viewer mupdf, evince
pdf rearranging pdfshuffle
plotting gnuplot, matplotlib
presentations pandoc+LaTeX Beamer, libreoffice
removable drive encryption veracrypt
ripping DVD/BLURAY makemkv
scanning EPSON GT2500, scanimage
scientific texts vim+TeXlive/pandoc
shell bash
system monitor conky
system monitoring nagios
text compare/merge meld
usb protection usbguard
virtualisation vmware workstation
visual programming processing excellent for graphics and videos, easy to teach to students
webmail roundcube
webserver apache
windows on linux crossover